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Updated: Mar 29

UPDATE: Timmy has found the most amazing home. All the people that love him could not be happier

Timmy is a bay, thoroughbred gelding and very handsome. He is approx 16hh, 9 years old and sound. Everyone in the stable says he is very sweet, gentle and a nice ride. We are searching for his forever home, his new best friend. Is it you?

He loves kids and people generally. He would make a great allrounder and could do just about anything. He would also be a lovely therapy horse and if the parents were experienced could be suitable as a second or third horse for a teenager. He is very easygoing and has been with the same stable his whole career, We see him trail riding, adult riding club, working equitation, EAL and pony club. He would be a fun horse

He has typical thoroughbred racing feet and will probably need a nice spell to let down before bringing him back into work. He is good with other horses.

You will be experienced with transitioning off the track horses and be someone I know (or can be vouched for by someone I know), He has been a racehorse for a long time so you will need to help him adjust to life on the outside. A big plus is that his trainer tends to float his horses, so he will be used to a 3-horse angle. If you have a straight load, he will need to be familiarised with that type of float. He will have the normal wear and tear of a horse who has raced.

Located at Warwick Farm

If you have not already done so in the last 12 months, please fill in an Expression of Interest Form. Feel free to ask any questions, if I don't know I will get the answers for you.

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