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Elementals Equine Therapies

P.O. Box 50

APPIN  NSW   2560

Tellington Practitioners - Equine


This is a list of Tellington Equine Practitioners currently working in Australia.  Practitioners in Training are also listed when they have reached a certain level in their training. They are not yet fully qualified

NSW Practitioners

Rebecca Booth
Elementals Equine Therapies
Equine Practitioner - Level 3
E: rebecca@elementals.com.au
M: 0419 003 530
Location:  Appin NSW
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Linda Barr 
Animal Training & Therapies
Equine Practitioner - Level 1
E: saltieb91@gmail.com
M: 0417 187 338
Location:  Tahmoor, NSW
Sinead McCann 
Boyne Equine Health
Equine Practitioner - Level 1
E: boyneequinehealth@gmail.com
M: 0425 264 739
Location:  Lake Bathurst, NSW
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Michelle Wein
Equine Therapy
Equine Practitioner
E: n.e.t.s@hotmail.com
M: 0401 447 329
Location:  Hunter Valley, NSW

VIC Practitioners

Ro Jelbart
Equine Practitioner - Level 2
E: rojelbart@hotmail.com
M: 0428 532 355
Location:  Lara, VIC
Caroline Hamilton
Equine Practitioner
E: caroline.hamilton@live.com.au
M: 0419 894 822
Location:  Mt. Egerton, VIC

Practitioners in Training

Rachel Crease
Equine Practitioner in Training
E: riverinabowen@gmail.com
M: 0423 120 728
Location:  Wagga Wagga, NSW  
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Anika Heintze
Equine Practitioner in Training
E: ozanika@hotmail.com
M: 0428 617 097
Location:  Blackheath & Tamworth NSW
Chel Williams
Equine Practitioner in Training
E: chelmw1972@gmail.com
M: 0419 036 331
Location:  Rossmore, NSW
Karen Zipkas
Equine Practitioner in Training
E: zippy_k@yahoo.com
M: 0432 040 679
Location:  Narracan, VIC