As an Equine Bodyworker who works with racehorses (gallopers & harness), I regularly get asked to help rehome horses once they are retired from racing. I LOVE doing this and over the years have successfully placed many horses in new homes.  Horses listed here will be primarily horses I have worked on whilst they have been racing. For some, this is their entire career and for others when they come into the care of trainers who regularly use my services.  This means I can offer a different perspective and additional information about the horses, their personalities, body issues, my opinion about suitability for different careers etc.  Once a horse is retired they normally need a home fairly quickly, I will have a chat to see if the horse available suits your needs and more often than not put you in contact with the trainer.  I would love to help you find your perfect match. 


A special mention to the photographers who have provided their photos for free to help rehome these horses

Horses Currently Looking for Homes



Rory is a 7 year old, solid chestnut (please continue to read lol), he is about 16.2/16.3hh, finer build.  He is handsome, intelligent and athletic.  I feel he would be suitable for eventing (up to 90cm), working equitation, trail riding, beach riding.  I believe straight show jumping might be too hard on his body and he may get bored with showing or dressage, unless you have a lot of variety and hacking out in your routine.  He would not be a good riding school horse and does not strike me as an EAL option right now.


He bonds well to people when they prove trustworthy and caring but doesn't care much for people in a hurry or too business like.  He LOVES being told he is handsome and quite likes the occasional smooch (but not in front of anyone).   He would not be a beginners horse and is best suited to someone who has experience with off the track horses.  I have been told he is grumpy 'old man" and he can nip but I always found him to be easy to work with, although he was a clear communicator if I found somewhere sore. He was always very eager to see me and I always treated him free in his box.   I saw him regularly for about  3 years and in that time he has almost had nothing wrong with him which indicates to me he is quite well balanced in his movement. I am told he moves well and has a comfy canter. He has been jumped a couple of times. 

I feel he is not the type to be happy 100% in paddock unless there was a good shelter.  Although I am sure over time he could get used to the wilder side of life.  He would love the balance of yard & shelter at night with day time turn out if it was on offer  He has the normal wear and tear of a horse who has raced for a few years. The only injury I am aware of is a small strain to his right shoulder (tricep) a year or so ago, the trainer can talk to you about anything else.


Which bring us to the TRAINER, he loves him, if he could keep him he would.  There is no hurry to find him a home, it has to be the right home.  Be aware if you would like Rory, his trainer will love regular updates and pics.  Currently located at Mulgoa, Western Sydney. 


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