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Your Appointment

Please have your horse ready i.e. rugs off and excess dirt brushed off. First appointments generally take one hour but can take a little longer so please allow sufficient time. Maintenance treatments take anywhere from half to one hour but average about 45 minutes.  Payment is required at the time unless other prior arrangements have been made.


Schedule on the Day

Appointments run pretty much to time unless something our of our control has happened.  If I am running more than 15 minutes late, I will text you to let you know how late I expect to be.  On occassions I run early, once again if I am running early I will text you and let you know my ETA.  It is understood that coming early can sometimes be inconvenient, feel free to respond to my text and let me know you prefer the original appointment time.


Weather Conditions

It is more comfortable for all parties to be located in a shady, cool, quiet spot.  A bodywork treatment can be very uncomfortable for a horse that is wet. If it is raining at your place, can you let me know if you have an undercover space that your horse will be comfortable in for their treatment. If your horse is very wet, try to get them as dry as possible. Please let me know if we need to reschedule due to rain.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice may attract a cancellation fee of $50 or the full treatment fee, depending on circumstances. If appointments are not cancelled or rescheduled prior and I arrive for the appointment, full payment may be required.

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