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Focusing on Groundwork to improve functional movement and awareness of your horse.  Using a combination of Tellington Method and Connected Riding excercises, we aim to improve your horse's proprioception, body awareness and balance with some simple in hand work.


What it is not

  • classical dressage in hand

  •  natural horsemanship

  • working in a round pen

  • trot poles or gridwork

  • lunging

  • a check in to see how your horse is


But it is complementary to all of the above and more.


What it is

Groundwork to enhance your horses functional movement and wellbeing by improving their proprioception, body awareness and balance.  It usually incorporates poles, mats, cones, Connected Riding one lining etc. but we can work with what you have available or I can bring some equipment.


Useful to

  • Complement your horses's work out

  • If only have 15 mins some days (can be a short or as long as ylu like)

  • Include in your horse's rehab program after an injury

  • Assist the horse struggling with their day to day work

  • Add variety for you and your horse

  • Do if you unable to ride or don't want to ride 


It doesn't matter what you do with your horse(s), this type of groundwork can be very useful.  Suitable for  retaining ex-racehorses, rehabilitation, horses of any age especially young horses, racehorses (in work and pretraining), horses of any discipline.


Happy to work with vets, instructors and other professionals to assist their customers.


Offering individual or joint lessons and small workshops in groundwork please contact me.

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