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Elementals Equine Therapies can offer  the services of an Equine Bodyworker at selected Sydney, Gold Coast & Melbourne racetracks.  Using a combination of non invasive techniques, our Racing Speclialists can offer an effective treatment designed for the racing athlete that will compliment their training, enabling you to get the best out of each horse.  Each specialist has been given extra training by Rebecca in the techniques she uses  An Industry discount off our standard rate is offered plus further discounts for quick payment and quantity of horses.





Equine Sports Therapy

A Sports Therapy treatment includes a combination of full massage, trigger point therapy,

myofascial release, mobilisation of major skeletal structures, photonic acupuncture, laser therapy and

dry needling (the techniques utilised depends on individual needs of the horse)


Laser & Photonic Acupuncture Treatments

Designed to assist the equine athlete prepare for and recover from racing.  This treatment uses

the laser the release master myofascial and trigger points to get a release of muscular tension. 

The red light treatment or photonic acupuncture uses a non-invasive torch to stimulate acupoints

that assist a horse both pre and post race.

(Currently offered only at Warwick Farm, Menangle Park and Kembla Grange racetracks)


Laser Therapy for Injury Recovery

Laser is a light therapy that provides extra energy to the cells in an area to speed recovery   It allows the area to heal and regenerate quickly whilst minimising scarring.  It is perfect for tendon/ligament/muscular strains and tears, wound healing, shin splints, and knee pain. It can be used safely in conjunction with veterinarian treatments.  (Currently only offered in Warwick Farm, Kembla Grange, and Menangle Park)




Rebecca Booth, Warwick Farm, Kembla Grange . Menangle Park & Southern Highlands NSW

Rebecca has been treating racehorses since 2005 working on horses such as It's a Dundeel, Castelvecchio,

Angel of Truth, Archemedus, Spieth, Unencumbered, Zaratone, Burbero, Mongolian Khan, Havana Rey, Atmospherical,

Malavio, Steel Diamond, Monsieur Sisu, Reply Churlish, Retort Courteous, Amen, Cannyescent, Dailika. 

She has worked for trainers such as Steve Englebrecht, Bjorn Baker, Richie Litt, Gwenda Markwell, Paul Cave,

Rick Worthington, David Pfieffer,  Lauri Wray, Michael Costa, Mitch Newman, Leanne Aspros, and Gabby Englebrecht. 

On the harness racing side, Rebecca has worked with several trainers since 2003, in fact, many of her case studies for

college were with harness horses.  She currently works closely with Tim Butt Racing treating on all the horses including

My Field Marshall, Let it Ride, Colby, Tact Tama, Running Free.  She is experienced in liaising with vets and farriers. 


Jade Quinn, Melbourne VIC

Operating out of Melbourne, Jade is qualified through The Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapies,

holding her Certificate in Equine Sports Therapy.  She has done additional studies with Der. Kerry Ridgway in

Myofascial Release and also Bowen Therapy studies.  She treated It's a Dundeel during his Melbourne stay. 

Jade can offer Equine Sports Therapy Treatments and Red Light Treatments.


Joe McShane, Warwick Farm & Hawkesbury NSW

Originally from Ireland, Joe has experience with cross country/hunt, showjumping and racing. 

He currently rides trackwork in the mornings at Warwick Farm, he has been in training with

Rebecca since March 2015 and can offer Laser/Red Light Performance treatments and

Laser Therapy for Injury Recovery at Warwick Farm.  Joe also offers Equine Bodywork treatments at

Warwick Farm and Hawkesbury,


Mel Turner, Randwick, Rosehill, Kembla Grange NSW

Based and operating out of Sydney, Mel is a Equine Massage Therapist who is qualified with a certificate in

Equine Sports Therapy through The Australian College of Animal Tactile Therapies (ACATT).  In addition to treating

Racehorses, Mel also treats the needs for a variety of horses from different equine disciplines including

Show Jumping, Western Pleasure and Endurance Performance Horses and can offer Equine Sports Massage and

Red Light Treatments. Available for Randwick and Rosehill Racecourses. Regular visits to the Central Coast, NSW

can also be organised


Erin Webber, Gold Coast QLD

Based on the Gold Coast and specialising in equine massage, Erin focuses on the release of key junction points to

enhance sports performance, restore muscular and structural balance and alignment; and to treat general aches,

pains and tension. Erin uses her hands to improve tight muscle mass in key junction areas. 

Erin is a Certified Masterson Method Practitioner.  This is a unique method of bodywork that recognizes and

then follows the visual responses of the horse to touch, to find and release accumulated muscle and structural stress

in key junctions of the horse’s body that affect performance. Erin is available on the Gold Coast, QLD


Call Rebecca on 0419 003 530 for further information.




"I have been using Rebecca to massage my racehorses since 2005. I find the horses recover more quickly after a race,

have fewer injuries and generally perform better when she is treating them regularly." 



"I have been weekly getting my racehorses treated by Elementals Equine Therapy for 12 months now. Over this period,

my horses have felt and raced better and they also love the treatments from Rebecca . Has cut down the use of chiropractic

treatments so go with Elementals it really makes a difference THANK YOU REBECCA from my 4 legged friends".


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