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Professional Horse Health Services


This is a list of Professional Equine Health providers that I either used myself or have confidence in and happily recommend. 

This doesn't mean they are the only people qualified and able to provide a good service and the list is not meant to be comprehensive.  If you can't find the service your are looking for please contact me for further referrals.


Dr Andrew Argyle
Wollondilly Equine
PH 4659 7322


Services include routine veterinary calls

  • Equine emergencies,

  • Frozen, fresh and chilled semen AI and mare reproductive management

  • Branding

  • Lameness evaluation and poor performance evaluation

  • Radiography

  • Dentistry


Visit Wollondilly Equine Vets on their   Website     or   Facebook

Dr David Garth
Sydney Equine
PH: 0448 519 618


Excellent Performance Horse Vet.  I have worked with David in both Racing and other Performance Horse stables and have found him to be thorough and effective often coming up with "out of the box" solutions.  Sydney Equine is a veterinary practice dedicated to the care and treatment of all horses.  Covering   Sydney, The Hawkesbury and The Southern Highlands. We offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week emergency service to existing and new clients


Visit Sydney Equine Vets on their Website  or  Facebook

Kim Frede
Equine Dentist
PH:  0421 750 744


Highly recommended Dentist with many years experience.  Kim is highly skilled, thorough and great with the horses.  


Visit Kim on Facebook  

Cameron Hankin
Equine Dentist
PH:  0447 648 176


Based in Berry on the South Coast of NSW, Equistry is all about taking a holistic approach to horse dentistry through considering the whole of the horse and aiming for 100% function and performance from your horse, through good dental practices.  Cameron is focused on providing a high-quality dentistry service where customer satisfaction is a priority.  The use of  techniques which consider the "Whole of Mouth" will ensure your horse's mouth and condition improve.


Visit Equistry on their Website  or   Facebook 





Catherine Russo
Equine Dentist
Ph: 0431 418 627
Leanne Garwood
Horseland Dural
Ph: (02) 9651 4124
Damien Strelein
Saddle Fit & Adjustments
PH: 0400 303 090
Enid Boyce
Aligned Equine
Bowen Therapy
Ph:  0422 502 542 
Linda Barr
Tellington Method Equine Practitioner - L1
Ph: 0417 187 338
Linda Vojkovic
The Naturalcare Co.
Medical Herbalist
PH: 9011 5656


Linda is a gifted Medical Herbalist trained in both Eastern & Western Herbal Medicine.  Her  vision is to provide a comprehensive natural health care service, aimed at educating owners and trainers on the benefits of herbal medicine and its complementary role. She supports a network of veterinarians, farriers, body work therapies, dentists and others, and aim to provide the very best of care for each client’s individual needsLinda provides herbal remedies and natural health care products.


Visit The Naturalcare Company on their Website  or  Facebook


Joe McShane
Equine Bodyworker
PH: 0424 500 524

Joe McShane trained with Rebecca for 2 years on the job. 

He has extensive horse experience across a number of disciplines.  Originally from Ireland, Joe rides trackwork at Warwick Farm Racecourse.  Joe works on all types of horse and is a Racing Specialist, offering Bodywork,  Pre and Post Performance and Red Light treatments.  He can also offer limited Laser treatments.


Chirotechnic was founded by Dr Fiona Lewis in 2007 with the focus of offering the best in Sports Chiropractic and Acupuncture, Traditional and Cosmetic Acupuncture care.


Not only does she treat humans, she also employs Chiropractic and Acupuncture techniques to Horses, Dogs and Cats. 


AREA SERVICED:  Southern Highlands, NSW


Website   or   Facebook

Fiona Lewis -
Chiropractor & Acupuncture
PH: 0425 242 446
Tim Munro
Naturally Wild
PH: 0401 133 355


Based in Melbourne, Tim Munro offers holistic servcice to improve the health and wellbeing of animals. Focus is on physical therapies, alternative therapies, training & behaviour as well as natural products.  Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a very gentle, light touch, whole body approach, working directly with the body’s natural capacity for self–repair. It helps you naturally free yourself of pain, stress, discomfort and allows many conditions to heal.  Tim is also  Tellington TTouch Practioner for Companion Animals


Visit Naturally Wild on their Website  or  Facebook   


Barefoot trimmer operating in Sydney and Regional NSW


Darren uses the latest in Bio-Mechanics to trim the hoof to create the best weight bearing angle.  Not only improving the soundness of horses but also their muscle tone, injuries and all round performance.


Visit Darren on his Website   

Darren Robertson
The Hoof Smith
Barefoot Trimmer
PH: 0418 450 080
David Leigh
The Barefoot Bloke
Barefoot Trimmer
Ph: 0457 275 463
Sinead McCann
Tellington Method Equine Practitioner 
Ph: 0425 264 739
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