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T E L L I N G T O N   T R A I N I N G

Tellington Touch Equine Awareness Method (TTeam) is a holistic approach to training and teaching, a system of the mind, body and spirit of the Horse.

TTeam offers ways to re-educate "problem" animals, ways to start training young horses so that they do not develop problems and useful, safe and timesaving methods of handling and interacting with horses.

It was developed by Linda Tellington Jones in 1975 and combines extensive knowledge of horses with techniques learned from Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais. TTeam is based on the premise that when a horse "resists" it is because they are fearful, in pain or don't understand what is being asked. We assume animals can think and reason: and that they can't if they are afraid or confused. We use techniques that minimise fear, and therefore instinctive responses.

We do not rely on desensitisation, habituation, domination or repetition. TTeam methods enable the handler/teacher to teach a variety of skills without frustration, teach confidence in the human/animal bond and create a willing partnership based on mutual respect.


Understand the philosophy and take the time to learn TTeam skills and you will never look back. TTeam is practical, safe and time efficient.


2 day workshops or individual consultations are available:

  • Individual Consultations with Rebecca Booth

  • 1 to 3 day workshops with Rebecca Booth

  • 5 day clinics with Robyn Hood

Email: for further information.

For Articles on TTeam see Our Information\Articles

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