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The Tellington Distant Learning Program


These modules have been written to give you a strong foundation in the Tellington work.  It has been driven by need to provide an alternative learning options for people who are unable to attend Clinics.  It also form part of the training required for those people who would like to be Practitioners especially in areas where access to Clinics is limited.  The Program comes as a PDF Booklet.  You will also need the following Reference Material:


  • The Ultimate Behavior and Training Book

  • Wraps for Horses Booklet

  • Various Articles & Videos (supplied)


The Tellington Method Virtual Training Centre Videos.  Follow the link to purchase


You will also be give free access to all historical digital newsletters


Price:  $900 Special Introductory Offer of $600 for first 20 customers



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The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book by Linda Tellington-Jones with Bobbie Leiberman 


At last, the definitive work of Linda Tellington-Jones, including everything you need to learn and practice the world famous Tellington Method! This book is the ‘encyclopedia’ of TTouch and has over 300 colored photos and many drawings. The book contains the philosophy of the work, more than 60 typical problems that horse-owners run into, complete descriptions with photos of all the TTouches, Ground Exercise, and Work under saddle, as well as 50 photographs of a trailer loading session with a yearling colt who had broken his withers in a trailer and had refused to load. Gabrielle Boiselle is the photographer with her special eye for horses.

Publisher: Trafalgar Square Publishing, 2006.


$55 plus postage. Email for a total

Payment via Paypal is preferred


All Wrapped Up for Horses by Robyn Hood with Mandy Pretty


Discover the simple and effective results of Tellington TTouch Body Wraps.  Help anxious or fractious horses settle, develop self-carriage and improve engagement without force.  Using stretchy elastic bandages, there is no tension, the various Body Wrap configurations help improve proprioception and body awareness. Tellington TTouch Body Wraps are an excellent addition to any wellness or postural rehabilitation regimen.  Non-invasive and non-restrictive these techniques help horses find their own posture while releasing tension and improving focus in the process.

Everything you always wanted

* Simple and easy to use
* Effective and non-invasive
* Improves coordination, balance, self-carriage and mental focus

Includes color photos.  Printed in Canada.


$25 plus postage Email for a total.

Payment via Paypal is preferred

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