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The benefits of Acpuncture are becoming more widely known.  Photonic Acupuncture utilises a small red light torch to stimulate the acupoints instead of using needles.  A Photonic Acupuncture Performance treatment stimulates acupoints aimed at supporting maximum performance of the horse.  It can be used pre performance to prepare and post performance for recovery.  It is included in every Sports Therapy Treatment.


Photonic Acupuncture can also be used for other specific conditions to support other treatments such a Veterinarian Medicine.  It works on the meridian systems in the body which connects and unifies the entire body In Chinese theory, Chi and other body fluids move along the meridians, transporting nourishment and contributing strength and healing properties.


Using non-invasive techniques, acupressure/acupuncture has consistently shown its ability to build the immune system and release muscle spasms and physical/emotional tension.



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