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What do you do exactly?

A "frankenstein" combination of numerous techniques but probably best described at Neurofascial Release.  Since 2003 I have been adding to my skill set and can draw on an extensive toolbox. Of course, I have favourite techniques for different body parts but I am heavily guided by what I feel and what the horse communicates to me.   In no particular order this could include:-

  • The Tellington Method

  • Equine Sports Therapy

  • The Masterson Method

  • Neurofascial Release

  • Myofascial techniques

  • Osteopathy Techniques

  • Energetic Healing

  • Surefoot Pads

  • Acupressure/Photonic Acupuncture

  • Low Level Laser Therapy

  • Dry Needling

  • Red Light Pads


Roughly how long do I need to wait for an appointment? 

Generally I am booked out 3 weeks in advance however this is not always the case.  Please let me know when making contact if the matter is urgent.  I can also set an appointment for a later date but notify you if an earlier appointment becomes available due to someone needing to reschedule.

What days and times do you work?

I am generally available Monday to Friday but also work some Saturdays with at least one Saturday been reserved for teaching at workshops.  I start early, depending on your location that could be as early 6.30am. If you need earlier due to your work that also may be possible. Last appointments are usually around 1pm as I am responsible for my elderly mother in the afternoons and have 8 horses of my own to get organised for the night.


What is the best way to make contact?

There are so many ways people get in contact it can be very hard to keep track of all messages.  By far the best method of contact it to send me a text message to 0419 003 530.  I can then pin it to the top of my messages list until an appointment has been set.  

What is the process after contact is made?

I will be in touch to suggest a date.  Whilst I endeavour to be in touch within 24 hours that is sometimes not possible.  Once a date is agreed I will set a time and then send a confirmation message.  The Confirmation message contains a link to find out further information like preparing your horse and my cancellation policy.  If you are a new customer it is important you read this.


What if I have to reschedule?

Please send a text as soon as possible


What information should I include in the text message?

Your name and location are great.  The number of horses if more than one.  Also, include if you need someone urgently.  If it cannot be me I will refer someone.

Do you refer to other practitioners?

Yes. I have several trusted colleagues I refer to for bodywork and good relationships with vets, chiro's etc as needed. I also have some contacts Australia-wide.


Any other questions?

Please ask



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