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Updated: Dec 5, 2023

UPDATE: Bobby has found a fabulous new show home where she will be pampered and loved. She will be retrained for showing and will have the occasional baby to the resident stallion.

CALLING ALL MARE LOVERS: Bobby is a 6-year-old, chestnut, thoroughbred mare. She is exceptionally stunning, approximately 15.3/16hh (best guess) with a small to medium-length back. She has the normal wear and tear of a horse that has raced and is retiring sound. Her last race was 20 Oct 23.

I would describe her as a "strong" mare, with a very clear YES and NO. Once she knows and trusts you that NO can be quite easily negotiated to a YES, until then she may test you. I have treated her all her racing life, she is a clear communicator and I think she is sweet and loving. Like all horses, she needs to feel listened to, sometimes I need to change my approach (but I do that with all of them). Whilst racing, she had a tendency to get a bit tight in one of her hamstrings (this shows in the video below and she has been treated since). I think she would be a very satisfying mare to win over and then you would be unstoppable with her.

I think she would be an awesome all-rounder, working equitation, trail riding, farm work, pretty enough for showing, an expressive liberty horse, classical dressage, low-level eventing, maybe a little team sorting, anything really as long as there was variety to keep her mind active.

One of her trackwork riders (who would keep her if she could) said " Once you're in with her, you're in. She would amaze people with how steady and reliable she is, once you pass the test. I have never known her to stop or shy on a ride, she goes out alone or in company. She never joined in when other horses played up at the track, preferring not to be brainwashed by the masses. Equally happy to go sightseeing or galloping. Of course, she thinks she is amazing and loves anything you do to fuel that belief, but you do need to enforce the boundaries sometimes. She has self-preservation, which can be rare in a thoroughbred, but above all, I would probably describe her as having a quirky sense of humour. If a person is the same, they'll probably get along fine."

A second regular rider said. "Bobby Sox is the best, such a gutsy mare who’ll give you everything as long as she agrees that you aren’t asking her to do something stupid. I would have her in a heartbeat if I was in a position to have a horse - you’ve never met a braver thoroughbred! Some of her favourite hobbies are chasing cows and kangaroos and pulling her best faces."

You will need to be experienced with transitioning Off the Track Horses or have a coach to guide you. She is not for beginners. Ideally, you are someone I know or can be vouched for by someone I know. You will need to meet her in person. If you are in my service area, I am happy to donate a free bodywork treatment for her.

Bobby has already been rehomed once but is too small for the intended rider, at this stage she has just been chilling in the paddock, letting down. She is currently located in Pheasants Nest.

You will need to fill in an unless you have done one in the last 6 to 12 months.

Expression of Interest OTT
Download PDF • 164KB

Racing photos thanks to DJM Racing Pix and Bradley Photos

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