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Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Tic Tock is a very handsome bay gelding standing approx. 16,2hh (best guess). He has 2 perfect white socks on his hind legs, is 6 years old, and has a curious personality. He likes people and it was near impossible to get photos as he wanted to interact with me the whole time. I also have to say, he is like me and takes mostly shit photos, in person he is very striking. He is an easy-going, uncomplicated horse. I think he would be a fun horse who would give anything a go, beach rides, adult riding club, working equitation, trail riding, dressage with a lot of variety, liberty etc. I would, however, recommend a vet check if you wanted to jump or event him, he has a small swelling on his left front (photo included) but as he has never had time off sore, it has not been investigated with the current trainer. It may be an old injury and does not react to palpation etc. I have treated him several times through his career and never found anything other than normal racehorse tension. He is apparently pretty straightforward to ride but like most racehorses, he can occasionally be strong when he is fit and fresh. He is retiring because it is time, he raced 11 weeks ago but in full racing condition. He would love someone to trust and form a bond with. In an ideal world, we would like to rehome him to someone willing to take his half-brother when he retired. They are a bonded pair, they have grown up together, spelled together, worked together, and always stabled side by side. Having said that they have been apart at various times and neither has shown signs of separation anxiety. We can rehome them separately, but we would all like them to remain together. He is sound but will have the normal wear and tear of a racehorse. Vet checks are welcome if desired. Like all horses straight out of racing he will need someone to support him as he transitions to a new life so you will have experience in this process or have the assistance of a coach or friend with experience. Ideally, he will go to someone I know or someone who can be vouched for by someone I know. This information is based on my own experiences with this horse and discussions with stable staff and the trainer. Located Kembla Grange. Any questions, feel free to ask. If interested, please complete an EOI Form which can be found below, If you have filled in a form recently please just let me know of your interest.

And yes, he has been advertised before and the owners wanted to continue to race him but he has let is be known he no loner wants to

Expression of Interest OTT
Download PDF • 164KB

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