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Updated: Apr 18

UPDATE: Mel has found an amazing home with one of the people who currently look after him.

Mel is not the handsomest horse but he has a rugged imperfect appeal, he tries really hard and he sure is one of the sweetest souls I have ever met. He is orange, a gelding, 6 years old and about 16.1hh/16.2hh. He really likes people and is a favourite with his trainer.

He is a bit bum high which gives him quite a weak looking back. Having said that, he can lift his back into a different posture without any issues so with correct biomechanical training he could be a very different shape. He has had tie-back surgery which could have been done a bit better, this leaves him with occasional dribble from his mouth or nose. He is sound and has one old splint on his medial right front cannon bone. He had big feet and strong bones. As you can see from his racing photo below he has a presence about him. My photo's are not that good, between the mud and the uneven footing they do not do him any favours.

This guy would be excellent at EAL, trail riding, working equitation or as a classical dressage project. He would not be suitable for high-level competition. He needs a small to medium rider who can help him use his body correctly. He has only ever had very minor areas of tension when I treated him. He would also be a nice companion horse, pony in a racing stable or nanny. He just wants some love and attention so non-riding home is also welcome. Easy to do anything with and considered quiet.

I like hanging out with him, giving him cuddles and sharing his calming energy.

Ideally, you are someone I know or can be vouched for by someone I know. Mel ran his last race 19 August 2023.

Mel is located in Kembla Grange.

Please complete the online EOI form

Racing Photo from Bradley Photography with thanks. Home Page - Bradley Photos

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