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Updated: Mar 3

UPDATE: Magz has been rehomed

Are you looking for a best friend? A horse to hang out with? If riding is not your main priority but you still want that special relationship, Magz could be your boy. He would be an amazing Therapy Horse

Magz is a 6-year-old thoroughbred gelding, he is on the smaller side 15.3hh (best guess), and very cute. He is easy to handle on the ground, and loves to cuddle and be with people. He is a sensitive boy and needs a person with a quiet, slower style. He does not do well with loud, fast people and becomes a bit anxious.

I feel he is best suited as an EAL, companion for a human and/or horses, liberty, groundwork and maybe some light pleasure riding. I picture him going on walks with his person, sunset, beach, trails, being pampered and loved, then hanging out while you have a beer or a wine. He is very sweet with a kind heart and is looking for someone the same. He is good with other horses and could make a good nanny. For some reason, I also think he would be great with someone in a wheelchair. He is not suitable for serious riding but will enrich your life just being in it. The most important thing will be a personality match so we will need to see you together.

He will need someone who can help him transition from racing to a new life. Ideally, you are someone I know or can be vouched for by someone I know.

He is located in Kembla Grange

Happy to answer any questions.

To apply for Magz, please fill in an EOI form. If you have already filled one in, please let me know of your interest

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