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Updated: Jun 30, 2023

UPDATE: Buddy has been rehomed and once healed will commence a new life as a Dressage horse.

Buddy is a striking, big horse, with a baldy face, one long and one teeny white sock on his hind legs. He is rising 4 years old, a gelding, chestnut, and best guess 17/17.1hh. He looks like he will be a solid horse. He is really nice to be around and the only way I can describe him is that there is a comforting lightness about him, he feels like a young soul. He has a presence that seems to glow. The stable staff said, whoever is lucky enough to get him will have a lot of fun and probably spend a lot of time laughing.

His riders say he has BIG movement and is confident in the company but still a bit worried when he is out by himself. He will need a confident rider who can help him learn skills for a new life. He has a bowed tendon (see photo) and has been on box rest and some light work on the walker. The injury occurred in late January and it was not sore on palpation on 24 May 2023, he is not lame. He would be ready to move into a small paddock/large yard. It has been decided not to continue with his racing career as they are concerned about his long-term wellbeing and do not want to risk further injury under the extreme pressure of racing. That being said, he is the type that could do anything. Handsome enough for showing, qualifies for OTT classes, dressage, adult riding club, trail riding, EAL, or anything else you can think of. I would recommend a vet check if you are interested in him for high-level competition, jumping or simply if you want peace of mind. He would need some time off to let down and heal a little more but I believe he would be OK for some groundwork pretty quickly. I would not lunge him at this stage. If you are into bloodlines he has I am Invincible, Tale of the Cat, Desert King, and Bletchingly in his pedigree. He has had 1 trial and 5 starts. I really like this guy, I agree with the staff, he makes you smile.

You must be someone I know or able to be vouched for by someone I know.

He is located in Kemba Grange.

Happy to answer any questions you may have or find out the answers.

Please fill out an EOI form if you would like to meet him.

Expression of Interest OTT
Download PDF • 164KB

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