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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

UPDATE 2: Freddie has found a wonderful, experience home with a very horsey family. Last year they provided a great new life for Tick Tock Man who is flourishing, he was for the daughters. Freddie is for the mother and she will give him more time off, then some groundwork to rehab him and let him develop. I am looking forward to watching his Journey.

UPDATE: The owners decided they would wait and see if he could come back to racing as he is healing very well. However, the reality is, that with his size, it would potentially put the injured site under too much pressure. They want him to have a great life and will not risk it so we are looking for a home again. He is currently in a paddock in the Hawkesbury area.

I am looking for an amazing partner for a very special horse. He is a black/brown, thoroughbred gelding, approx 18hh and 4 years old. He has hugely long legs. He had a very promising career ahead of him but suffered a tendon injury that occurred in his last race. His owners/trainer were originally planning to spell and rehab him to try and get him back to the racing. They have now decided it is in his best interests to find a home. It is thought he will heal better in a home environment rather than a racing one. This is a big horse with a big personality, he loves cuddles, carrots, and scratches. He is funny, you will laugh alot. He is kind. I love spending time with him and so will you. He is the type of horse you would go out to in the evening, have a chat with, enjoy and beer, or a glass of wine with him. Actually, he probably loves beer. He would love you to sing to him if you can sing (he ain't tone-deaf). He would love it if you played an instrument for him. You get the picture, he would love anything as long it was with the person or people he loves. So we are looking for:- - someone to fall in love with him, desperately and forever (very easy to do) - be able to provide the right environment to help him heal. He has done his 6 weeks box rest and can now go into a small yard for 3 months, he will then need 6 months paddock rest - be able to rehab him including helping him with his proprioception (he is young and big with no real idea of his body or feet) - someone to pamper him, he LOVES attention and becomes very sad when it is not forthcoming - someone with no preset goals as to what they can do with him once healed....even to the point of being prepared never to ride him. Vet prognosis is good for a nice recovery but not suitable for racing, jumping or eventing. I think he would be a nice trail horse, classical dressage, EAL, working on a farm if the sheep aren't too scary. - ideally someone with a Tellington or classical dressage background (or similar) - you will need to be experienced with thoroughbreds

In return, you will have a handsome, big labrador horse who will be your best mate.

You will need to meet him so we can see you together. I must know you well. We are prepared to wait for the perfect person. He is not to be rehabbed and then rehomed. He becomes part of your family, this is not negotiable with this horse. ALOT of people love him. I have a copy of the vet report which I cannot send you but I can talk you through it. I also have his follow up report

Please note: I have purposefully not named him or provided photos as I normally would. This is for a good reason. I am happy to share photos and details with the right people. If you know who I mean (he does kinda stand out) please do not name him.

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