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Updated: Apr 16, 2023

UPDATE: Malakai has been rehomed. The Universe was at work with this one, everything lined up at just the right time for the perfect person to walk into his life....and for the perfect horse to walk into hers.

Malakai was rehomed by me straight off the track 9 months ago. Due to a change in job and increased travel, we are on the hunt for someone special to support him through the next part of his transition from racehorse to fabulous equine partner. Since his retirement, he has been chilling out in the paddock, being loved, and doing some groundwork. He is a smaller (15.3hh/16hh) chunky type, rising 8-year-old, chestnut thoroughbred by Salade. Everyone I speak to that knew him while he raced gets a big grin on their face, he is very well-loved.

He is playful and bold but can easily switch to being led by a small child. He is pretty easygoing, the farrier is happy to do him without anyone there, easy to catch, respectful of space, etc. He is still learning to float as he was transported via truck during his career but is comfortable on an angle load. He could do anything, his brother shows talent as a showjumper. He could easily be a trail riding/ family horse, adult riding club, working equitation, eventer, liberty, cattle/farm work. He is sensitive enough to be a great EAL horse. I can see him loving to go on holidays with you or to the beach He loves to be loved and give love. He is happy in with other horses or by himself but I feel he would need to be on a property with other horses. He has a small to medium back length and strong bones, he would suit a confident, medium-sized rider. I treated him while being raced and he only ever had the normal areas of very mild tension associated with a sprinting racehorse.

While taking some of the recent photo's a friend jumped on him bareback and he was perfect. This is the first time he had a bit in or rider for over 9 months. He was calm and listened to his rider. She was very positive about his willing nature and general responsiveness, he walked and trotted in both directions easily and was able to back up. He has a high head carriage which is common in sprinters with a more ballistic take-off. This posture can be changed with different work. Her assessment was that with a bit of extra training, he would make an awesome pony club horse, and she felt completely safe on him. He is sound, barefoot, and currently in paddock condition. It is the perfect time to start retraining him for another life. He comes with all his rugs and is a steal at $500.

We are looking for a person willing to give him the time to retrain him, you will need to have experience with Off The Track horses or be happy to be guided by someone who is. I will need to know you or speak to someone I know to get a reference, he can only go to the best of homes. The current owner is not in a hurry and is happy to wait for the perfect person.

Located in Douglas Park NSW

Please send a text to 0419 003 530 or via Facebook Messenger if you have any questions or are interested in Malakai

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