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Updated: Aug 19, 2022

UPDATE: Exo has found a great home. He will learn classical dressage and do some trail riding.

Meet Exo, he is a gorgeous black/brown thoroughbred gelding. He is 4 years old and has the best floofy ears. This guy is a personal favourite and it is "killing" me to advertise him, trust me if I win lotto tonight he will be at my place so fast your head will spin. He is about 17hh (best guess) and solid. He had an injury from which he has recovered. I am happy to talk to you about it. It will not prevent him from doing anything except highly strenuous activities like racing, high-level eventing or jumping, polo, or cutting. He would be the perfect partner for casual rides on the beach, sitting by a campfire, listening to the wind through those beautiful ears. Oh sorry got carried away. So he likes people and would be great for EAL but also liberty, bridleless riding, classical dressage, adult riding club, trail riding, cattle work, and working equitation. I think he will do well as an all-rounder. He has been in with other horses, he is a kind horse who occasionally has a serious mouth when he thinks. I believe he needs some time to help him relearn how to use his body properly after his injury, at the moment he is not utiising his hind end as well as he could. So someone who can do in-hand and/or pole work is perfect. Ideally, you will be experienced with transitioning an Off-the-Track thoroughbred and realise it can take time…..each of them is different. He will only go to someone I know or someone who can be vouched for by someone I know.

RE the photos, it was very hard to get far enough away as he was after some cuddles. In any full-body pics, he is not as downhill as he looks in fact not downhill at all. His stall was made higher in the middle due to the rain.

You will need to fill in an EOI form

Expression of Interest OTT
Download PDF • 164KB

Located in Kembla Grange

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