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Updated: Mar 3

Ted is a 15.2hh, bay, 10-year-old thoroughbred who is looking for a new home due to an unforeseen change in circumstances, The current person loves him and this has been a very hard decision.

Ted raced as a youngster and has been professionally retrained. He last raced in December 2019 and since then has done pony club, hacking and even some polo with the previous owner, With his current person he has mostly done low-level dressage, trail and beach rides.

He is sensible and has never injured himself while with his current person, he is described as "the sweetest horse and just wants to be around you for scratches and cuddles." He is easy to handle on the ground.

Ted has been out of work for approximately 6 months so he will need a competent, patient rider to work with him. He is not a beginner's horse. He would be suited to a range of different activities and also make a good companion horse for a person or other horses,

I do not know this horse personally but two people I trust have vouched for the horse and the current owner, both are considered awesome. I trust their judgement. It means I do not know a lot of details, so please contact Dee on 0406 686 600,

Ted is for sale for $2K but the home is more important. Ideally, you will be someone I know or can be vouched for by someone I know. We want to find him the best home possible.

Ted is located in Darkes Forest, NSW

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