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This horse has gone straight to being rehomed without advertising and NOT because he is amazingly handsome and a lovely soul, which he is. He has been rehomed because of his incredible bromance with his old stable mate.

The fastest rehoming ever went something like this, I was sent a message at 10.08am on Tue 15 August, can you help rehome Melbourne. I saw it and responded at 10.44am "I will ask Nadine". Message sent to Nadine 10.45am and an immediate response back.....YES. Why so quick you ask, let me tell you.

Melbourne aka Main Stage and Biscuit aka Esteem Spirit had a legendary bromance. They were besties like no other. They were stabled beside each other, went into the paddock together and simply loved each other. Biscuit had his last race 24 October 2020 but it took us a little while to find his new home. Biscuit often travelled with Melbourne to his races in that time but in March 2021 Biscuit found his perfect home. Biscuit's new people met Melbourne when they picked him up and could see the bond. Fast forward to now, by Saturday 19 August, Melbourne will be reunited with his old friend once again, both 9 years old now and separated for 2.5 years. I had a lot of fun telling Melbourne all about it today.

It is a beautiful thing and I cannot wait to follow their adventures together.

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