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Updated: May 19, 2023

UPDATE: Keo has found her perfect home with the most amazing human, You know it is right, when someone enquires, then organises to drive over 170km to meet her the next day. It was love at first sight for them both. I am very excited for Keo to have this opportunity and equally excited for her new human to get to know the awesome horse she is.

Keo is a stunning rising 5-year-old brown mare. She is unraced but did have a couple of preparations with Markwell Racing. She was tall and kinda awkward so did not make the grade to race. She has had at least 12 months in the hills of Kiama to blossom into an amazing young mare. My best guess is she is 17 - 17.2hh. She was definitely one of my favourites when she was in the stable, she is kind, likes people, curious with a hint of sassy. She has a pretty cool pedigree with Australian, USA, Canadian, French, and Irish lines. She does still have a slightly awkward gait on occasions, it looks like a misstep or half a grade lame sometimes. I was never able to find any explanation, and neither can the vets. She walks, trots, canters etc sound in the paddock just sometimes has a slightly off action for a step or two. Maybe with some rehab or correct biomechanical training, it could improve. With that in mind, we think she would be best suited to trail riding, breeding, or as a companion. However, I would not write her off for other endeavours such as classical dressage (with a focus on correct biomechanics), adult riding club or maybe even jumping but I don't think she would suit competitive dressage or showing where correct movement is vital. She would be an impressive liberty horse as she is so engaged with people she likes. She is the sort of horse to be an amazing partner, so if you do some flat work noncompetitively, pop over a log or two, want a horse to take to the beach, or go for some lovely rides then she could be for you. My memory is that even though she is tall she does not have a hugely long back so would suit a tall, medium-built/weighted rider. She is great with other horses. I can also see her having wonderful babies with say a handsome Warmblood, Lusitano, Andalusian, Friesian or similar,

You will need to be someone I know or can be vouched for by someone I know. Vet checks are welcome.

Currently located in Kiama.

Please get in touch if you want to know more or fill in an Expression of Interest Form

Expression of Interest OTT
Download PDF • 164KB

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