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A 5% discount applies to pre-event orders. Just check out where we will be exhibiting, order 1 - 2 weeks prior to a show and pick-up at the event.
Saves $$$ on postage as well as giving you 5% off our normal prices.

The Posturepole
The Posturepole™ helps relieve neck, shoulder and upper back pain coming from a forward head posture. It also encourages more comfortable upright posture. Having the spine supported in a level, neutral position eases pressure from the surrounding muscles. This allows the shoulders to comfortably relax, the ribcage to move downwards and the diaphragm to become better positioned. Ideal for horse and pushbike rider. Try it you will notice the difference.

Normally $79.95 but only $75.00 plus postage and handling from Elementals.


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